Monday, February 12

You are what you eat.

I was the pickiest eater as a little kid. No liver, no fish, no cooked carrots, no nuts, no hardboiled eggs, no onions. You name it, I refused to eat it. These days I'll eat just about anything, but I have to say that I stick with my pickyness in regards to cannibalism. That's just plain gross.


Anonymous said...

Hey i love your art lady.This is amazing and you are soooooooo talented.I cant draw !And if my life depends on it.IM DEAD !!
Love you lady.

Anonymous said...

Hey i eat a lot of hot dogs,pizza and burgers.So...can you tell me considering the things that i eat what am i ?

beaux said...

great idea mer:) fun darwing

Ken Chandler said...

I couldn't agree more, plus I hate it when the gristle gets stuck in my teeth. Nasty! Great pieces Meridth, mind if I add your blog to my growing list of friends admired blogs? Hope alls well, I'll be back around.