Thursday, November 29

My Dad's Retirement

So here's my Dad.

You can see why I would absolutely idolize anyone sticking candy corn up his teeth. He's been doing this as long as I remember...It's still funny.

So my Dad's retiring from the FBI. He's pretty smart, and he's been in on a lot of interesting cases. He worked on the Tylenol Case (the reason why we in the states have our medicine bottles sealed), he went undercover as a hit-man (but he didn't have to kill anyone, so no worries). He's done a lot of interesting stuff. Anyway, my dad asked me last minute to sketch up a retirement announcement. I was just excited because I got to draw a dead body and the infamous J. Edgar Hoover. (I think my Dad's kinda cute too).


Kate said...

LOL LOL LOL!!!!! Your dad totaly cracks me up, and I LOVE your retirement announcement!! A great sense of humor obviously runs in your family!

Anderson's said...

I so miss your hilarious family. Is your dad keeping out of trouble now that he's retired?

Meridth Gimbel said...

Hehe... thanks. Unfortunately, you know, my dad's way too much of a risk-taker... retirement has let him loose ;)

curlyq said...

Wow, it's great! Hey--if my husband perhaps wanted to talk FBI with your dad sometime, do you think he's be willing? He's interested in that field.