Saturday, February 2

Mystery Package

So I got a surprise package the other day from an anonymous sender. The package was sent to me and my husband in typed lettering from Utah. Since he and I have friends and family in Utah it could be just about anyone. Anyway, whoever that blessed person is...I'm stinking excited. Edward and I both like comic books and Spiderman is an absolute classic. (We fight about DC versus Marvel all the time....and sorry guys...I'm a bigger fan of Batman, Superman and the JLA). Anyway this action figure we got in the mail has 46 points of articulation!!!!! Which means that this is a better model to draw from than...


Hooray for presents and hooray for anonymous donors. :)


Tom Barrett said...

My son has one of those Spiderman toys. haven't used it yet for modeling!

Meridth Gimbel said...

Pretty crazy huh?! Who would have thought?