Friday, August 9

The Inaugural 'Book Look' : Moonymouse by Helen and Alf Evers

So you are sucked into a timewarp. It's 1958. Inflation is low and unemployment is high. If you're a cool 7 year old you will be sporting a brand new hula hoop while listening to Elvis or Billie Holiday on the radio. And this is the book that your mom is reading to you... Mooneymouse (by Helen & Alf Evers).

Okay, enough Twilight Zone talk. I came across this book recently, thanks to my book hoarding habits, and I thought I'd share it with you since you are probably as book nerdy as I am.

When I found this book, I was struck by how heavy handed it was. It seems to me that books of this era really wanted to teach them kids a lesson! (Please note the angry Harrison Ford finger.)

So in this book we follow Mooneymouse as he bumbles about his daily activities daydreaming about this and that. The book reaches it's climax when Mooneymouse spaces out so much he falls into a watering trough and almost dies. He runs home to tell his mother he learned his lesson and will never dream again unless he is sleeping.

Seriously, that is the plot. So the bizarre and incredibly lame themes that you could possibly draw from this book are:

Don't have dreams kids. Focus so much on your daily tasks so you can become a shiny cog in the machine.


If you are spacey and ditzy you might die.


Imagination and creativity are not necessary for survival, therefore they are threatening to our very existence.

In summary this book was dumb. And pointless. And part of it is posted below for your reading pleasure. :)
(What a weirdo.)


jenniej said...

I googled what else the authors wrote and the book that showed up the most was called "The House the Pecks Built" which taught a lesson about not being content with what you have and constantly wanting more... guess that's the type of books they wrote. I've learned my lesson alright!

Chastity said...

This is fantastic!

Meridth Gimbel said...

Glad you were amused ;)

And Jennie, that's hilarious. Sure glad you've learned your lesson! ;)