Monday, January 13

New Years Resolution: Be Awesome to Each Other.

Or something like that.

So it's the New Year (ish) and I'm trying to realign, readjust, and re inspire myself to accomplish the things that I want/need to accomplish. It must be said that it's been tricky being that we've moved 3 times in the last 3 years. Blech. At least we're unpacked. 

So I decided to create my own OGSM. A whatzit you say? An Objective, Goals, Strategies, and Measures list. How in the world does any freelancing mommy get anything done without one, I would like to ask?

With much chagrin I must admit that I've never really had a mission statement before now. I didn't realize that I had been lacking one. So I think I've pinpointed what I really want to do with my freelancing career, that is I want to "Write, illustrate, and publish inspiring, quirky, and heart warming stories with memorable characters that resonate with children and adults. 

I know, I know, tall order, but it must be said that one of the main reasons that I want to be a teeny tiny fish in the massive ocean of Children's Book Publishing is that some of my fondest memories from my childhood come from the books and movies that I've read and seen as a child and the vicarious adventures and friendships I've had because of them. If I see a beautifully crafted children's movie or read inspired children's literature I get all weepy. Hopefully I can write and illustrate stories like the ones that I clung to as a child. Lofty goal yes, but sort of exhilarating too.

If you are a freelancer, what is your mission statement? If you are a lover of children's literature and cinema, what really got you excited as a child?

Regardless, I hope your holidays were filled to the gills with deliciousness and that your New Years is filled to the brim with sit ups ;)

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