Tuesday, August 12

“Run for your lives, she’s got rabies! No, she’s just inspired.”

Judy Shachner

No, that was not just a voice in my head. I was privileged enough to go to SCBWI’s LA conference last weekend. That was a direct quote from the talented Judy Shachner, author and illustrator of the Skippyjon Jones series. 

It was a wonderfully manic experience. Let’s just say I came home feeling like I got hit by a semi and my “To Do” list’s size has tripled.

I thought since you all love children’s literature like I do, that there was a good possibility that you were a writer or illustrator yourself and that you might be interested in what was said. But since I typed like 20 pages of notes I think I would be better to share a few quotes and ideas that inspired me.
Meg Rosoff

"The imagination can be dangerous. It can change the world. And that is why we write." - Meg Rosoff

“Embrace your flaws.” - Meg Rosoff

Stephen Chbosky

“Do you recognize what’s beautiful and transcendent in you?” - Stephen Chbosky

“There's no such thing as an aspiring writer. If you write, you are a writer.”  - Stephen Chbosky

Justin Chanda

“Your individual voice is the biggest capitol you have in this industry.” - Justin Chanda 

Bruce Coville

“You can use coincidence to start a story, but the farther in the story it occurs, the less believable it becomes. Coincidences to get a character into trouble are great. If you use them the get out of trouble you are cheating.” 
- Bruce Coville

Maggie Stiefvater

         “I don’t write for a living. I observe for a living. I steal for a living.
          I stylize for a living.” - Maggie Stiefvater 

Megan McDonald

“If you want to write, find your splinter. Find the thing that pierces you and won’t let you go.” - Megan McDonald

“If you listen to your own voice, unknown friends will come and seek you.” 
- Megan McDonald

Linda Sue Park

   “I try to make everything I write worth reading 62 times.” - Linda Sue Park

Eugine Yelchin

“Sometimes the goal we want the most is the hardest to pursue because we are afraid of failure.” - Eugene Yelchin

Yes, THE Judy Blume spoke at the conference!

“Do not let anyone discourage you. If they try, get angry, not depressed.” - Judy Blume

“Determination is more important than talent.” 
- Judy Blume

Nick Clark


“Creativity is rarely a virgin birth.” - Nick Clark

Some friends and the former Knights who say "Ni!"
I’m sad it’s over. I miss my community. Hugs and warm fuzzy appreciation to the brilliant publishers, editors, art directors, agents, writers and illustrators that inspire the next generation. And many hugs to my old and new friends that I've found from the SCBWI community. I LOVE how warm our clan is. Till next time chums 

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