Friday, April 6

Hallelujah! My website is updated!!!

Can you tell that I'm really really excited. It feels so good to have a professional looking website. (And extremely cheap host and server I might add.) I am on cloud nine. Now I can worry about all the other projects I'm juggling without this nagging me. Yay.
Alrighty. Later friends.


Sarah-Bodera said...

Your website looks great! Clean, easy and professional. Congrats!

bec said...

it looks awesome! love it! see you sooon :)

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

You are hilarious! How fabulous. I can't wait!! At least you did it! he he he he he he! I love it.

Meridth Gimbel said...

Thanks ladies you collectively made my week :)

Glad it's functional. I'm not so good at this HTML thing.