Wednesday, May 30

"Washington. Washington. Twelve stories high. Made of radiation."

(Head study for a project. )
(And a quote from a hilariously irreverent video "about" 
George Washington. 
Not at all for kids.)


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

I like this very much! You are a monster at watercolor and pen and ink. Amazing! Hope that you and the family are doing well. Best to you.

Meridth Gimbel said...

Miss V. you make me feel so good. Thanks dear friend. We are all doing very well. Just not looking forward to a hot summer. Hope you and yours are doing wonderfully. I know you are very busy. Best of luck to all the brilliant projects you are working on!!

k.h.whitaker said...

Nice, I love your Mr. Washington, he looks young and very distinguished, with a bit of an attitude :)

Meridth Gimbel said...

He does look kind of ticked, doesn't he. Hehe.

Edgar Cabrera said...

i love this illustration! Nice colors!

Meridth Gimbel said...

Hey thanks!