Friday, September 27

Book Look - My Blue is Happy by Jessica Young and illustrated by Catia Chien- A Good Book to Make Your Kid Brainy and Observant

Jessica Young is not only talented but I 
can claim her as a good friend and a 
fellow Illustration Schmooze gal (a critique group).
Yes, this does make me cooler.
Okay so as a parent of two delightfully wild and crazy toddlers, I feel like it is an incredible bonus to not only read a book to my kids that is fun and charming, but that will also turn them into the geniuses I expect them to be. (Right?) My Blue is Happy, by Jessica Young is so thoughtful, so sweet. I was blown away at how simple and deep this book is. This book artfully explains what colors feel like to her and why she sees the world differently than the people in her life. The book is wonderful to read over and over and over and over again (which is what we are doing at my home at the moment) but also because it has a beautiful rhythm to it and it embraces the unique vision and perspective your child has. I think sometimes as adults we can inadvertently emphasize our perspective as being the right way to look at the world and the text and idea of this story are wonderfully supportive and respectful of each little person's point of view.

And I'm not the only person that thinks this book is a big fat hit, it represents Tennessee's pick for the Library of Congress/Center for the Books in 2013 "52 Great Reads." List.

Also, if you are a teacher or a homeschooling parent, she has A LOT of stellar cross-curricular, Common Core aligned activities that are fun.I particularly liked this one:

In case you are wondering, my grey is snug like the warm steam rising from a hot drink.

So now are you convinced? Yes, you should be. My suggestion is to buy two copies. One for your kids that will get loved to death, and the other one to hide away in your own personal library. :)

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