September 18, 2013

Sleepless in Nashville.

So here are my intensive pieces for this weekend's SCBWI Midsouth conference and I am so very tired.
And let me just state while yawning and droopy eyed that SCBWI conferences are AMAZING, no matter what level of freelancer you are whether you are a novice or moderate superstar (With the exceptions of true Children's Book super stars like Chris Van Allsburg, Mo Williams, or JK Rowling. I'm assuming these types of conferences would be less useful to those of you who are so talented that everything they write and/or illustrate turns into gold.) 
Anyway, I am excited to hang out with my eccentric, talented, and a wee bit crazy kidlit friends on Friday.  Looking forward to being inspired, course corrected, and hopefully I can get over my social anxiety to make some good connections.  

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Mary Uhles said...

i went to your blog to get the perma link for my conference blog post and saw this piece again. Then I scrolled up and down looking at the different panels. Its strong Meridth... little details I noticed thistime and liked: the flower in her hair, the fact that the tiger is tipping over the water glass, the tiger's ear tips sticking out in the middle scene. There is a lot of narrative here. This piece just makes me happy, as do you my friend;)